lunes, 20 de abril de 2015

Law for the Protection of Democracy and Human Rights in Ecuador -

Law for the Protection of Democracy and Human Rights in Ecuador -

Petition to Congress and the US Senate to approve this bill to protect democracy and prevent human rights abuses against Ecuadorians. The government of Rafael Correa has become a dictatorship with tyrannical powers; It has created a law with a directive declaring null and void the obligations with the IESS the equivalent of Social Security, erasing illegally a debt of $ 10,500 million invested by the IESS in Ecuadorean bonds, plus 40% of the contributions to be made and mandated by the previous law. Several years of tyrannical powers where properties have been confiscated illegally, years of murder, rape and destruction of freedom cannot continue. As US citizens and citizens of Ecuador we respectfully request that this law can be passed by Congress, the Senate and the President of the United States.

To instruct the Secretary of State (Secretary) to demand that the US permanent representative to the Organization of American States (OAS) uses US influence in the OAS to protect American Democratic Charter, and strengthen the efforts of international organizations and multilateral efforts to protect the human rights of Ecuadorian citizens and elsewhere in the nation.
Authorize the President of the United States of America to impose sanctions blocking assets and the Secretary or the Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS) to impose US sanctions against the exclusion of all assets of Rafael Correa and members of his family and all members of his cabinet, in more than 38 ministries of the state; Like all members of the judiciary that belong to Alianza Pais and who obey orders of Rafael Correa. All persons, including current or former government officials of Ecuador or any and all persons acting on behalf of such government, all assets of these government officials in Ecuadorian banks, European banks and banks anywhere in the world ( Dubai, China and Canada) failing against all those who have: (1) committed or are responsible for the violation of Ecuador's constitution, which was declared null and void only to create a new constitution that now is being amended to achieve further powers for Rafael Correa and approved by the majority of members who obeys orders only from Rafael Correa; and all those who have directed violence or human rights abuses against citizens who have disagreed with the government, or for exercising their rights under the Constitution and international agreements to which Ecuador is a signatory; (2) all government officials who have directed or ordered the arrest or prosecution of citizens who wanted to exercise their freedom of expression or assemble peacefully to present acts of massive corruption; (3) against all those who have knowingly assisted, sponsored or provided significant financial, material, or technological, or goods or services in support of such acts resources; or (4) involved in censorship, bribery, intimidation and even murder against citizens or against the media that disseminate information in an attempt to silence the exercise of democratic values.

Demand that the sanctions imposed by the United States shall comply with all applicable laws, treaties and agreements of the United Nations, the OAS and other international obligations.
To authorize the President of the United States to waive sanctions if: (1) is protecting the national security interests of the United States, or (2) Rafael Correa and his cabinet, his representative and members of his party in the Assembly National and all members appointed by Correa to the courthouse to resign voluntarily to avoid civil unrest and civil war (3) If all conditions in Ecuador have improved over debt IESS and respect to peaceful protest and basic human rights.

Directing the President of the United States to send Congress a list of sanctions imposed against persons whose actions threaten world peace, democracy and contribute to corruption, money laundering, criminal activities, guerrillas, deals with Drug cartels and organizations of international crime: (1) transfer or facilitate the transfer of money from accounts that may have been illegally obtained as kickbacks and nepotism. Ecuador proceeds of money laundering either by the FARC or criminal organizations (2) Transfers of assets (aircraft, ships, cars) or technologies which can be used to commit serious violations of human rights against any person or organization under the laws of Ecuador; or (2) provide services in respect of such goods and technologies.

The treaty will not require the President to include people on this list if: (1) the person is no longer involved or have quit the government before the passage of this law, and if they have taken significant steps to provide evidence, testimony and denounce all corrupt activities and contribute to punishment of the culprits, and (2) the President has received credible assurances that no such person knowingly participates in any new sanctioned activity.
Authorizes the President to waive the penalty if: (1) in the interests of national security of the United States, or (2) the conditions in Ecuador have improved over the respect of peaceful protest and basic human rights.

To direct the Secretary of State to provide a comprehensive strategy for Congress to promote new investment strategies to help the country of Ecuador, and the new Internet freedom and access information in Ecuador.

To direct the Secretary of State to provide a comprehensive strategy to Congress outlining US support for the citizens of Ecuador in search of free elections, democracy, respect for civil liberties and human rights, and development of a free and independent society.
Set to be the policy to (1) Assist and support efforts to identify all cases of human rights abuses in Ecuador, and (2) offer refuge or asylum in the United States political dissidents in Ecuador or help relocating to other countries.

Provide authorized the US Agency for International Development (USAID) for support to civil society in Ecuador credits.

Authorize the creation of a council to help promote Strategic Regional Treaty presented to Congress for approval.